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April 21, 2012

Parking Restriction Enforcement

Because of safety and appearance issues, parking restrictions will be more strictly enforced effective May 1st, 2012.

Parking at Lakeline Square is very limited. Residents of LSCOA are bound by the following parking restrictions:

1. Each unit has two reserved parking spaces: the garage and the driveway
2. Each unit may only use those two parking spaces for their vehicles
3. Each unit is limited to two vehicles (one vehicle per bedroom; each unit has 2 bedrooms)
4. Parking in the street is prohibited

A Hardship Variance to the parking restrictions may be granted by the Board for, but are not limited to, the following reasons:
   - a third vehicle belonging to a minor living in the custody of parents or guardians
   - a unit with two vehicles where neither vehicle fits in the garage (***)
   - a unit with three vehicles and three exclusive parking spaces, where only the three spaces will be used
   - a unit with three adults where each adult has a single vehicle (***)
   - a unit with temporary need for extended use of guest parking (example: garage used during interior renovation)

A Hardship Variance to the parking restrictions are not granted for:
   - a unit with more vehicles than licensed drivers
   - a unit with two vehicles where at least one vehicle is capable of parking in the garage

(***) denotes a Hardship Variance that will NOT be granted to new residents moving into the community.Existing tenants and owners as of 5/1/12 only may qualify for this Hardship Variance.

If you see what you believe is a parking violation, please do not take action yourself. Go to our website and submit a Violation Report and let US take care of looking into it. (A car that looks like a 'repeat offender' might have a Hardship Variance.)

THANK YOU and be safe!