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Leasing condo units is prohibited except as provided for in the Condominium Declaration, Article 9. Below is a brief summary of the leasing restrictions. Please review the declaration for complete details.

Owners who wish to lease their units may do so only if they have applied for and received from the Board of Directors (board) either a "Lease Permit" or a "hardship Lease Permit". The permits allow an owner to lease their unit provided that the lease is in accordance with the terms of the permit and the declaration. The board has the authority to establish conditions as to the duration and use of such permits.

The steps to apply for a Lease Permit and execute a lease agreement are summarized as follows:

  • Request a Lease Permit by email from the management company.
  • If your request is approved, you will receive a Lease Permit and a Leasing Checklist.
  • You will have 90 days to provide the board an executed lease agreement and signed Leasing Checklist. Send copies to the management company by email or US postal service.
  • At the time of the lease approval (whether the initial approval or a subsequent renewal), the owner must not be delinquent in paying their Association dues. If the owner is behind in dues, the account must be brought current or the Lease Permit will not be issued.

There is a maximum number of 27 units that may be occupied by lessees. Your request for a Lease Permit will not be approved if all of the allowed permits are already assigned. If the board determines that tenants occupy a unit that does not have an approved Lease Permit, the owner will be fined a minimum of $400/month retroactive to the first day when the tenant moved in. This charge will be assessed to the owner in the form of a lien on the unit.

You may want to download and review the Leasing Checklist [PDF] as it also provides additional information on leasing.

Leasing and Hardship Lease Permits

All Lease Permits and hardship Lease Permits are only valid for a specific owner and unit, and not transferable. Lease Permits are approved if current outstanding Lease Permits have not been issued for more than 40% of the total units. Permits are automatically revoked if the unit is sold, the unit is not leased within 90 days of the permit issuance, or the unit is not leased for 90 consecutive days. Owners who are denied a Lease Permit are automatically placed on a waiting list for a Lease Permit.

Application for hardship Lease Permits are considered but not guaranteed if an owner seeks to lease their unit on a hardship basis. The board has the authority to issue or deny requests for hardship Lease Permits in its discretion after considering a number of factors, including for example the nature, degree, and likely duration of the hardship; the harm, if any, which will result to the Condominium if the permit is approved; the number of hardship Lease Permits which have been issued to other owners; the owner's ability to cure the hardship; and whether previous hardship leasing permits have been issued to the owner.

A "hardship" includes, but not be limited to the following situations: (1) an owner must relocate their residence outside the Austin metropolitan area and cannot, within six months from the date that the unit was placed on the market, sell the unit except at a price below the current appraised market value, after having made reasonable efforts to do so; (2) where the owner dies and the unit is being administered by their estate; and (3) the owner takes a leave of absence or temporarily relocates and intends to return to reside in the unit. Hardship Lease Permits are valid for one year. Owners may apply for additional hardship Lease Permits. Hardship Lease Permits are automatically revoked if during the term of the permit, the owner is approved for and receives a Lease Permit.

Page date: 04 June 2012