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Front Door Replacement Guidelines

The purpose of this webpage is to give our Owners guidance when selecting replacements for their front doors. The first thing to understand as an Owner is that it is you, and not the Association, that is responsible for repair and/or replacement of your front door. Here is the excerpt from the Declaration showing how each Owner of a Unit is responsible for the entire front door of their unit:

When shopping for a new front door, there are three key requirements to keep in mind. Front doors must stay in compliance with the established look and feel of the community. Our front doors are:

  • 1. Stained in a conservative wood color. No white doors, light doors, or any primary colors are allowed.
  • 2. Must have a window in the upper portion of the door only. Doors may not have full or half windows.
  • 3. Windows must be colorless or clear; no brightly colored stained glass is allowed.

If you have questions on a style you do not see here, PLEASE ASK before installing!

Examples of approved and unapproved door styles are as follows:

Note the window is only in the very upper portion of these APPROVED doors

Note these BAD doors have too much window, or no window at all

Examples of approved stains are as follows:

Examples of approved windows are as follows: